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Teacher in class.

Teaching Grammar - Enough v Too

Teaching Grammar - Enough v Too

This lesson is based on the Premier Skills English Podcast Understanding Grammar - Enough v Too. The lesson focusses on grammar with an emphasis on pronunciation and lots of listening practice for your students. If you look on the right-hand side of the page, you will find the downloads section. In this section, you can find the audio, worksheets, and transcript to download and print to use with your students.


B1 / B2 (Intermediate / Upper-intermediate)


Teenagers and adults


40-60 mins



Read this plan, and familiarise yourself with the topic.

Make copies of worksheets.

Download the podcast to play on a phone/tablet (see the downloads section on the right) or listen to it at the top of this page.

1. Joke

Listen to the joke in the podcast above. Rich tells Jack a joke about an egg. Play the podcast from 4:20 to 5:25. Give out the comic strip without the text (worksheet 1) and ask learners to complete the joke.

Ask them if they think it is funny or silly or both.

2. Introduction

Tell your students that the topic of the lesson is grammar and pronunciation. Write enough on the board. Ask your learners to look at the joke again.

Ask learners to tell each other how grammar and pronunciation are important to make the joke work. 

3. Listening 1

Play another part of the podcast - 2:12 > 4:26

In this section, Rich complains to Jack. Ask learners to listen and ask them to answer the following questions:

  1. What is Rich complaining about?
  2. What possible reasons does Jack give?
  3. What is RIch's real problem?

4. Listening  2

Ask students to look at worksheet 1 again. Play the same podcast section as before 2:12 > 4:26

Ask learners to complete the sentences that include too and enough

5. Grammar Discovery

Tell your students to look at the completed sentences.

On the board, write: adjectives, uncountable nouns and countable nouns.

Ask your students to analyse the sentences and, in pairs, think of two grammar rules for too and two grammar rules for enough.

6. Speaking Task

Ask learners to draw two columns. At the top of one column they need to write too and at the top of the other, they need to write enough.

Teacher reads out the following:

What do you think about ...?

  • a holiday in Antarctica
  • footballer's salaries
  • nurse's salaries
  • traffic during rush hours
  • a diet of Hamburgers
  • your daily routine

Give learners a minute to discuss each point in pairs before reading out the next point. Learners need to write down notes that include too and enough for each point. Alternatively, you could find suitable images to share in class.

7. Feedback

Ask learners to change partners. Learners exchange notes and guess why their partner wrote what they did. They should try to use too and enough in their responses.

Student A: I think you wrote 'too many cars' becaue there is too much traffic during rush hour.

Student B: You're right! There's not enough public transport in our city!

8. Sentence Transformations

Ask learners to look at worksheet 1 again. Learners complete the keyword transformations. Alternatively, they can look at the sentence transformations on the Premier Skills English podcast page and write their answers in the comments section for homework

9. Pronunciation

Ask learners to look at Worksheet 2. Ask learners to match the words to words to similar sounding  -OUGH words.

10. Extension

There are discussion questions on the Premier Skills English podcast page. Your students are welcome to join in the discussion and leave any comments about the lesson. Teachers are welcome to add any opinions about this lesson at the bottom of this page. 

We hope you enjoy the lesson!

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To learn how and when to use too and enough.

To practise different sounds that can be made with -OUGH endings.

To focus on exams by practising keyword transformations.