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A young fan interviews Jack Wilshere

In this week's Premier Skills English podcast, Jack and Rich share five tips that will make you better at speaking exams.

Referee shows a red card.

Seberapa luas pengetahuan anda tentang kosakata sepakbola? Uji diri anda sendiri dan pelajari kosakata yang berhubungan dengan penyelenggaraan pertandingan sepakbola.

Watch our new players, Mei-Li and Ana, as they use their English to buy a mobile phone in the UK.

Arsenal's Santi Cazorla interviews Nacho Monreal.

In this week's podcast, Jack and Rich help you with your pronunciation.

A Town and Gown match being played in Cambridge.

In this week's podcast, Jack visits Cambridge and talks about an important event in the history of football. 

This player scored the first Premier League hat-trick. Who is he?

In this week's podcast, Jack and Rich have a quiz for you that tests your knowledge of articles (a, an, the) and football.

Sergio Aguero scored the first hat-trick of the 2017/18 season last weekend.

City and United are neck and neck at the top of the Premier League. What else happened in Matchweek 5?

Arsenal player consoling a Hull player at the FA Cup Final in 2015.

In this week's podcast, Jack is sad about Arsenal's start to the season and Rich is not very sympathetic. The language focus is on words to show sympathy and encouragement. 

Man looking at a tablet.

In this week's podcast, Rich has some problems with his computer and Jack helps him. The language focus is on computer vocabulary and giving instructions.

Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez shaking hands with the referee.

In this week's podcast, Jack and Rich talk about being polite. What should you say and what shouldn't you say?