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Alexis Sanchez was the top scorer in FPL in Gameweek 14.

FPL - Gameweek 15

FPL - Gameweek 15

The Team

Gameweek 14 finished with 41 points for the Premier Skills team on the Premier League's official Fantasy Football game. Last week, we sold Southampton's Dusan Tadic and Manchester City's and bought Liverpool's James Milner. It wasn't a great week for Milner (2 points) but we had good performances from Middlesbrough's Callum Chambers and Victor Valdes (13 points) and Tottenham's Heung Min Son (11 points). Sergio Aguero was our choice of captain but he got a red card scored a very disappointing minus 2 points! He's also now suspended for four matches so we need him out of our team! In the Premier Skills League, we moved down to 43rd place with 602 points. Congratulations to Los 11 Impostores managed by Gerardo Lopez from Mexico who stay at the top of the Premier Skills League with 818 points. How is your team doing?

This was our starting XI for Gameweek 14:

The Votes

This week, we are playing our wildcard. This means that we can change our entire team - but we need your help! We want you to write down the name of one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder and one striker that we should have in the Premier Skills team. The players with the most votes will be chosen for the team. If the players are too expensive we will choose the next cheapest and then the next cheapest and so on until we have a complete squad of 15 players. You can vote as many times as you want and you can vote for different, players, too. Our captain, this week, will be the most expensive player you choose for our team.

The Debate

We want you to tell us who you think should be in the Premier Skills English Fantasy Football team and squad. We also want to hear about your Fantasy Football team and the players you've chosen. So, leave a comment below and say which players you think we should sell and which players we should buy plus any other questions or comments you have about Fantasy Football. Take a look at the transfer list on the Fantasy Football website to help you make your decision.

You can join the Premier Skills Fantasy Football League at any time! To do this, you need to register on the Premier League website, choose your team and enter the Premier Skills League using this Private league code: 155156-51385

Heung Min Son scored 11 points for the Premier Skills FPL team last week.

If you need more information, check out our how to play Fantasy Football article! 

If you found the listening difficult, you can read and listen at the same time.
Is it easier if you listen and read?

Rich: Rich here. How’s your Fantasy Premier League team doing? The Premier Skills team had a difficult week. We scored 41 points!

Jack: That’s 5 points below average. Not a terrible week.
Rich: We had some good performances from Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil and Tottenham’s Heung Min Son. They both scored 11 points for the team.
Jack: And some of our cheaper players did well, too. We got 13 points from Middlesbrough’s Victor Valdes and Callum Chambers. That’s a bonus.
Rich: The problem last week was that we decided to go with Sergio Aguero as our captain.
Jack: I know, that was a disaster. He scored no goals and was sent off in the last minute. He finished with minus two points!
Rich: He’s also now banned for four matches and won’t play again until January.
Jack: We need him out of our team. He’s our most expensive player, too.
Rich: So, this week we’re going to play our wildcard which we need to play before the end of December.
Jack: I remember, You played your wildcard last week. How did that go?
Rich: I was very happy with it and had my best week of the season. I scored 75 points and I’m up to 17th place.
Jack: Who did you pick?
Rich: I got Alexis Sanchez, Eden Hazard, Jermain Defoe and Diego Costa.
Jack: Cool. How did you afford all of them?
Rich: Well, I bought some cheap defenders but I made sure they play every week - I think that is an important thing. I also bought Sergio Aguero too - that was a mistake - I’ll be replacing him this week.
Jack: So, that’s what we want to do this week. Play our wildcard. We want you to choose the players that should be in the team in the vote at the bottom of the page.
Rich: And you can vote more than once! We will select the players with the most votes.
Jack: If we run out of money we will buy the players with the most votes that we can afford.
Rich: If you have your own FPL team remember you need to play your wildcard before December 31st.
Jack: So you’re up to 17th place in the Premier Skills league, Rich. The Premier Skills team is in 43rd place and I’m down near the bottom in 52nd place.
Rich: Well done to Gerardo Lopez from Mexico. Your team Los 11 Impostores are still top on 818 points!
Jack: We would also love to hear what you like about Fantasy Premier League and about the players that you choose and why. Just write your opinions in the comments section at the bottom of the page.
Rich: We’ll be back next week with more Fantasy Premier League.


Gameweek 15 - Vote - Wildcard

We're playing our wildcard this week. This means that we can change all of our players. We need you to choose the goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and strikers we need in the squad. Write the name of one Premier League player in each box that you think should be in the Premier Skills Fantasy Premier League team!

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assemjuve's picture

I think we have to bring back Ibrahimovic

assemjuve's picture
11/07/2017 20:34
Palestinian Territory

I think we have to bring back Ibrahimovic

kwesimanifest's picture

This game merits its name " fantasy "

kwesimanifest's picture
12/12/2016 10:36
Manchester United

This game merits its name " fantasy "


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Gameweek 15

Saturday 10th December 

Watford v Everton 

Arsenal v Stoke City

Burnley v Bournemouth

Hull v Crystal Palace

Swansea v Sunderland

Leicester v Man City

Sunday 11th December

Chelsea v West Brom

Man Utd v Spurs

Southampton v Middlesbrough

Liverpool v West Ham