David Luiz scoring against Liverpool.

Things worth seeing - 16/17 ep.24

In this week's Premier Skills English podcast, Rich and Jack talk about the latest news from the Premier League as Chelsea extend their lead at the top. The language focus this week is on the word 'worth' and phrases that include this word. It's a difficult word to use because of its pronunciation and there are lots of common phrases that use it. Rich also talks about three places that are 'worth seeing' in his hometown. On top of this, we have a new football phrase for you to guess and a Premier League prediction for you to make. Enjoy!

How much did you understand?


In the podcast, Rich and Jack used some words and phrases that might be new for you. You can see two examples here: 

Arsena's surprise defeat at Watford leaves Chelsea in pole position.

It's neck and neck at the bottom of the Premier League, too.

There were a few more tricky words in the podcast. Can you remember all of them? Try the activity below, then, listen to the podcast again to hear how we used the words in context. This can really help with understanding.

Activity 1: In this activity, have a look at the vocabulary and try to match it to the correct definition.
Can you match the words to their definitions?

Gabriel Jesus has made a great start to his Manchester City career.

Language - Worth

In this week's podcast, Jack and Rich used the word 'worth' many times and lots of phrases that include this word. It's a useful word to know and use because it's quite common. It means that something has value or is useful and is often connected to money, but it can also mean something is enjoyable to do. One problem is the pronunciation of 'worth' is quite difficult. If you know the phonetic script this is how you say it: /wɜːθ/. If you're not sure, then listen to how Jack and Rich say it in the podcast or have a listen to the word in the Cambridge Dictionary online. A good online dictionary will give you the pronunciation of a word in addition to its meaning so it's worth always having an online dictionary to check to help you. 

Rich and Jack used a lot of phrases with 'worth' in the podcast. Have a look at these examples:

I'm sure that the clubs that stay up this season will think that buying players in January was worth the risk.

A good signing can be worth its weight in gold at this time of year.

Well, for what it's worth, I think Segovia is worth visiting.

Have a go at this activity and see if you understand what the phrases mean.

Swansea are the form team in the Premier League. They have won 3 of their last 4 matches!

Language - Something worth seeing

When something, somewhere or someone is enjoyable or interesting or we want to recommend something to someone we might say that something is 'worth doing' or a place is 'worth seeing' or 'worth visiting' and a person is 'worth knowing'. All of these sentences follow the same pattern: worth + verb + -ing  There were some examples of this structure in the podcast:

Is it worth spending money in the January Transfer Window?

It sounds like it's worth taking a look.

Good point, but it's worth mentioning that Liverpool bought Andy Carroll and that transfer wasn't so successful.

Jack sent Rich to find three places in his hometown that are worth seeing. What were these three places? Can you tell us three places near where you live that are worth visiting?

Activity 2: Did you hear all the phrases with 'worth' in the podcast? In this activity, match the phrases to what they mean.
Can you match the phrases?

Jack told Rich to find three things that are worth visiting in his hometown!


If the listening was a little difficult, then listen again and read at the same time.
Is it easier to listen and read?


Rich: Hello my name’s Rich

Jack: and I’m Jack

Rich: and welcome to this week’s Premier Skills English  podcast.

Jack: Where we talk about football and help you with your English.  

Jack: What’s happening this week Rich?

Rich: In this week’s show, we’re going to talk about the latest in the Premier League a word that is worth learning!

Jack: And you’re also going to talk about where you live, Rich.

Rich: That’s right. I’m going to tell you about three places that are worth visiting in my hometown in Spain.


Rich: Chelsea go 9 points clear at the top.

Jack: Chelsea are now 9 points ahead of their nearest Premier League challengers. Chelsea could only manage a draw against Liverpool but Arsenal’s surprise defeat at home to Watford leaves the Blues in pole position.

Rich: It’s looking tight at the bottom.

Jack: It’s neck and neck at the bottom of the Premier League, too. Only 2 points separate four teams from the relegation places. Swansea, after wins against Liverpool and Southampton are looking strong but Leicester City - last season’s Champions have lost their last three!

Rich: The January Transfer Window slams shut!

Jack: The transfer window has now closed and it was the teams battling to avoid relegation that spent the most money. Leicester have bought the Nigerian midfielder Wilfred Ndidi for £20 million, Crystal Palace spent over £40 million on four players and Burnley broke their transfer record to bring in the Irish midfielder - Robbie Brady.

Rich: Lots of money being spent but is it worth spending so much money in the middle of the season?

Jack: A lot of clubs say it’s not worthwhile buying in the January transfer window because it takes too long for a player to get used to a team.

Rich: But a good signing at this time can be worth its weight in gold. Luis Suarez was signed in the January transfer window.

Jack: Good point but it’s worth mentioning that Liverpool bought Andy Carroll on the same day and that transfer was not so successful!

Rich: You’re right - transfers are often a risky business but I’m sure the clubs that stay up this season will think it was worth the risk.

Player of the Week

Jack: There have been some great performances in the Premier League this week.

Rich: Fans definitely got their money’s worth in the Liverpool - Chelsea match! David Luiz scored a great free kick.

Jack: Yes, there was an incredible atmosphere. I think Liverpool could have won but Chelsea did miss a penalty.

Rich: Swansea City’s Gylfi Sigurdsson has had a great couple of weeks and Burnley’s Tom Heaton has been great for Burnley and Gabriel Jesus had a great full Premier League debut for Manchester City.

Jack: But our player of the week this week is Watford’s Etienne Capoue.

Rich: Yes, a worthy winner after a fantastic performance against Arsenal. It’s the first time Watford have won away at Arsenal in nearly 30 years and Capoue was one of the main reasons they came away with a 2-1 win.

Language/Topic Focus

Jack: In this week’s language focus, we’re going to take a look at at the word ‘worth’ and Rich is going to speak a bit about where he lives.

Rich: That’s right, Jack. My aunt and uncle are coming to visit me next week and I’m trying to think about where to take them.

Jack: Well, I know where you live. I’ve never been (cough, cough - never been invited!) But I’ve seen photos and it looks very picturesque - very pretty or beautiful. I’m sure there are lots of places worth visiting nearby.

Rich: Yes, you’re right. There are lots of places worth visiting but I’m still not sure where to go.

Jack: Before we carry on, can you tell everybody where you live, Rich.

Rich: Ah yes of course. You may know that I live in Spain as we have spoken about that before in the podcast. And you may have noticed that my profile photo when I reply to your comments has a little Spanish flag on it. Well, I live in a small city called Segovia. It’s about an hour’s drive north from Madrid - the capital.

Jack:  So, you should show your Aunt and Uncle around Segovia! Have they been there before?

Rich: No, they haven’t.

Jack: I remember you telling me it’s got a big aqueduct in the centre. It sounds like a nice place to visit. Why don’t you tell our listeners about it. I tell you what, why don’t you show our listeners some of your city.

Rich: Errr… what do you mean?

Jack: Take your phone and video some of Segovia’s best bits and tell us about them.

Rich: Ok, I could do that.

Jack: And we’ll add the video to this lesson when you’ve done it.

Rich: Right, OK I will. Well, I’ll definitely take some photos we’ll have to wait and see what the quality of the video is like! I hate selfies and video selfies are even worse!!

Jack: OK, off you go!

Rich: What now?

Jack: See you later! (door slam sound effect)


Jack: That was quick. So can you tell us about three places in Segovia that are worth visiting?

Rich: Yes, OK. The first is the Roman aqueduct. It’s bang in the city centre and it’s definitely worth visiting. It’s about 2000 years old!

Jack: Sounds like it’s worth taking a look. What else?

Rich: There are lots of old buildings in Segovia so it’s worth taking your time to walk slowly around the city but the gothic cathedral in the main square is pretty spectacular.

Jack: Sounds good and you can take a break there, too?

Rich: Yes, that’s right. There are lots of cafes where you can sit outside and enjoy the sun although it’s a bit cold at the moment.

Jack: And your last choice?

Rich: That’s the castle. It’s called the Alcazar and it’s amazing. It’s built on the top of a hill and is definitely worth a visit.

Jack: It looks a bit like the Disney Castle.

Rich: It’s funny you say that because it is is said that the castle was one of Walt Disney’s inspirations for the Disney castle.

Jack: Well, for what it’s worth, I think Segovia is definitely worth visiting and I’m sure you’re Aunt and uncle will have a great time.

Rich: Thanks. And of course, you are welcome to visit whenever you want, Jack. Probably better in the summer, though!

Jack: Right, now what we want you to do is tell us three places that are worth visiting. These can be near where you live or in your country or places you’ve visited in the past.

Rich: We’d love to hear from you. Just write your comments in the comment section at eh bottom of the page. And if you want us to correct your English, just write ‘correct me’ at the beginning of your message.


Jack: In that section we used the word worth. It’s a useful word to learn but it’s quite difficult to use and quite difficult to say. It's normally used to say what the value of something is. So you might say: 'that car is worth £2,000' or: 'that painting is really valuable; it's worth £1,000,000. Jack: Rich said that the aqueduct is worth visiting. It means that it will be enjoyable or interesting to visit -  it’s worth visiting - it will be a valuable experience.

Rich: ‘Worth’ has a /w/ sound then a /:3/ sound like in bird and then a /th/ sound like in Thursday or thank you - worth, it’s worth visiting.

Jack: Worth is used in lots of other ways, too. Earlier, you said the fans got their money’s worth. This phrase connects the idea of money and enjoyment.

RIch: Yes, it means that the match was exciting so it was worth going and worth paying for a ticket. You might not say the same about a 0-0 draw with nothing happening.

Jack: Yes, it wouldn’t be worth going to a match like that, it wouldn’t be worthwhile, it would be boring or pointless.

Rich: We have the word ‘worthless’ but that is used more about money and value. Something that is broken may be worthless.

Jack: Or someone might say they are worthless - without value if they feel sad and depressed.

Rich: We used lots of other phrases using the word ‘ ‘worth’ in this podcast. Have a listen again and see if you understand what they all mean. You can also find them in the transcript - they are in bold.

Jack: Or look at the page below where we’ve got some activities and more explanations for you.

Can you work out this week’s football phrase?

Rich: Have you got a football phrase for us this week?

Jack: Yes, I have, but first, last week’s football phrase. The phrase was ‘postponed’. It’s a word you might hear in the winter because the weather is bad. If it snows too much or a pitch is frozen a match can be postponed and played on a later date.

Rich: Our podcast was postponed last week. Sorry about that!

Jack: Well done to Ghigo from Italy, Kwesimanifest from Ghana, Emir from Bosnia, Liubomyr and Alex from Ukraine, Elghoul from Algeria, MES from Armenia, and Shobonenok from Russia.

Rich: Shobonenok from Russia. Is that a bit closer?

Jack: The 31st of January was ******** ******** ***. This is the day when the transfer window closes. I’ve already used two of the three words you need in the last sentence. The second word in the phrase is more difficult. It means the latest time you can complete something by. If you have essays and assignments at school or college your teacher gives you a ******** or maybe your boss at work to complete a project.

Rich: Good explanation, Jack.

Premier League Prediction

Rich: Last week’s prediction was Manchester City against Spurs. It finished in a 2-2 draw. Not a great result for either team and not good for Jack or me either. But our podcast listeners predicted a draw so well done to you.

Jack: That point takes you to the top of the prediction table with Rich!

Rich: This week’s big match is Chelsea against Arsenal. Chelsea are running away with the title at the moment but Arsenal are one of the teams that might be able to stop them. If Ozil and Sanchez are in top form then the gunners can get a good result. However, I think Chelsea are too good at the moment and will win comfortably.

Final score: Chelsea 3-1 Arsenal

Jack: I’m not that optimistic but you have to back your team, don’t you? 2-1 to Arsenal!

Rich: Right, that’s all we have time for this week.

Jack: Don’t forget to write your answers to our questions and make a guess at our football phrase in the comments below. And remember to make your Premier League prediction in the vote.

Rich: Bye for now and enjoy your football!

Premier League Prediction - GW24 - Chelsea v Arsenal

Last week's featured match was a 2-1 draw between Manchester City and Chelsea. Jack and Rich predicted a win, but our listeners predicted a 1-1 draw so one point for you. That point takes our listeners to the top of the Prediction League with Rich on 12 points. It's neck and neck at the top! Remember, it's one point for the correct result and two additional points for the correct score. The big match in Gameweek 24 is - Chelsea v Arsenal. Can you predict the right score?

  Gameweek 22 Total Points Chelsea v Arsenal
Rich 0 12 3-1
Podcast Listeners 1 12 ?
Jack 0 11 1-2

Make your prediction now!

What do you think?

In this week’s podcast, Jack and Rich spoke the January Transfer Window and Rich spoke about where he lives.

  1. Do you think it's worth spending a lot of money in the January Transfer Window or it's not worth the risk?

  2. Are the Premier League Champions always worthy winners? What about teams that win cup competitions?

  3. Can you tell us about three places that are worth visiting where you live?

Remember to write your guess at this week's football phrase and the questions above in the comments section below.

If you want us to correct your English, just write 'correct me' at the beginning of your comment.


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GH 3604
kwesimanifest Sun, 05/02/2017 - 16:45

This week's phrase is ******* ******** ***

shobonenok's picture
RU 567
shobonenok Sun, 05/02/2017 - 18:23

Correct me.
Glad to hear you, Jack and Rich. Missed you :)
1. It depends. Head coach is the only one who has enough information related to the opportunities of his team. If it can achieve the planned goals such as qualifying to Champions League or avoiding relegation, it will be worth spending money in the January Transfer Window. It's worthwhile to buy someone if it's necessary to enhance the strength of starting 11.
2. I've often heard coaches saying that being the Premier League Champions is more honourable that winning any domestic cup. In my opinion, only top clubs which won all the cups lots of times can talk about that. It's more important to win an FA Cup for Yeovil Town, for instance, than for Chelsea or Arsenal. It's usual when top teams play cup matches by the second or even third team.
3. There are lots of fascinating places and views in Moscow. Firstly, it's a historical center of Moscow, which includes the Kremlin, Red Square and Alexander's Garden. There are lots of tourists there during the whole year. Secondly, it's a sightseeing platform on the "Vorobyovy Gory" (Sparrow Hills, if translate). You can enjoy the view on both historical and modern Moscow, including skyscrapers of Moscow City. There is a main building of Moscow State University, one of the seven Stalin's skyscrapers, where I study now. Finally, the third place will be worth visiting for you in Moscow if you like paintings. It's the Tretyakov Gallery. Everyone is welcome to Moscow, but it's better to visit it in spring because it's too frosty now.

The football phrase is "******** ******** ***".

Rich's picture
ES 155
Rich Mon, 06/02/2017 - 08:45

Hi Shobonenok

Thanks for the support! Let's have a look at each of your answers in turn. It was good to see you using the target vocabulary in your answers; I hope you think it was worthwhile! As you know, your English is very good and there are few problems with communication so I'm just going to focus on a couple of things and I'm going to set you a couple of challenges.

  1. I'd like you to think about article usage.  There are three places in the answer to this question where you should add 'the'. Can you find them and let me know?
  2. Let's think about tense in this one. There is an example where you use the past but the present perfect would be more suitable. It should be easy to find because there is only one example so more importantly can you tell me why we should use the present perfect here?
  3. In this answer you use 'it' incorrectly a few times. Can you find some examples and how would you correct this?

I would love to visit Moscow one day. Maybe for the World Cup next year if I can find a hotel room! Thanks for your message!

Rich - The Premier Skills English Team

shobonenok's picture
RU 567
shobonenok Mon, 06/02/2017 - 12:08

Hi Rich

It's actually challenging to find mistakes by myself. Hope I won't make any new schoolboy errors here.
1. Hmm...Let me think. I venture to suggest that it's correct to write "The head coach", "The Champions League" and "the starting 11". Am I right?
2. "...only top clubs which have won all the cups lots of times...". It's assumed that the action happened in the recent past and it's still important in present. So, top clubs have won all the cups lots of times in the past, but it's important in present because it's a reason to consider the domestic cups less honourable than the Premier League.
3. "Firstly, there is a historical center of Moscow...";
"Secondly, there is a sightseeing platform...";
I can't find any more mistakes of "it" usage.
Russia is a very hospitable country as well as Moscow, its capital, in spite of everything that the British newspapers write about them. Hope Moscow and the World Cup will be worth visiting for you, Rich :)

Rich's picture
ES 155
Rich Tue, 07/02/2017 - 09:01

Hi Shobonenek

Yes, self-correction can be difficult but I think it is very useful and you've done a very good job. You spotted all your errors with articles and that we should use the present perfect to talk about something that is still true now. You also got most of the issues with the use of 'it'. I would have joined the sentences about the third place worth visiting and the gallery and dropped the 'it'. Also, going back to article usage, it would be better to say 'there is the historical centre of Moscow' and 'there is the sightseeing platform at...' although the second of these is a little bit more subjective.

Hope that helps!

Rich - The Premier Skills English Team

aragorn1986's picture
ME 3385
aragorn1986 Sun, 05/02/2017 - 19:09

Top 3 places near my town worth visiting: 1. National park Skadar Lake - which is the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula with a well-known hotspot of freshwater biodiversity. Lake Skadar is one of the largest bird reserves in Europe, having 270 bird species, among which are some of the last pelicans in Europe..
2. The largest vineyard in one complex in Europe on over 2300 ha surface covered with over 11,5 million grapevines and vast wine cellar.
3. Local waterfall Niagara - beautiful tourist spot where people go to witness the power of the river that flows through the canyon..

Rich's picture
ES 155
Rich Tue, 07/02/2017 - 09:14

Hi Aragorn1986

At first, I thought you must have been mistaken when you mentioned Niagara Falls but I googled it and it looks very pretty and would be a great spot for a picnic. Maybe you can help me, as I've been wondering this for a while now, why is Montenegro called 'Black Mountain'? And, why, in English, do we use an Italian(?) name for your country? 

Rich - The Premier Skills English Team

aragorn1986's picture
ME 3385
aragorn1986 Tue, 07/02/2017 - 19:41

Well, in the 15th century that name had reffered to very small piece of land of the southern part of the coast. 'Crna Gora', 'Black Mountain' or venetian name 'Montenegro'. Later it became 'Old Montenegro' as slightly bigger region. Now we call it 'Crna Gora' but since it can be difficult for the foreigners to pronounce in, someone came to an idea to keep the old name taken from the venetian scriptures as the official one.

MES's picture
AM 684
MES Sun, 05/02/2017 - 19:20

correct me: the phrase is ********* ******** *** Chelsea 3-1 Arsenal

MES's picture
AM 684
MES Sun, 05/02/2017 - 19:23

all must be right )))

MES's picture
AM 684
MES Sun, 05/02/2017 - 19:25

something goes wrong

GH 3604
kwesimanifest Mon, 06/02/2017 - 10:07

I think for a team that is struggling to remain in the league and has the financial muscle to buy some players to help them in their pursuit it will be worth spending on quality players that will have an impact on the team. Howeve, if a team is in a comfortable position in the league and has many capable players to help them it will not be worth the risk to sign new players who would only come and warm the benches of the team on match days.

GH 3604
kwesimanifest Mon, 06/02/2017 - 10:12

I think premier league champions are worthy winners because they investment a lot of dedication to the game just as every other team but the difference between them and the rest is the persistence and consistency with which they approach their games.

GH 3604
kwesimanifest Mon, 06/02/2017 - 13:43

Three places worth visiting in the place i live is the Accra Meseum,The usher fort, and the James Town Light Tower all in Accra.

UA 687
Liubomyr Mon, 06/02/2017 - 13:44

I think that the phrase is a '******** ********* ***'

MES's picture
AM 684
MES Mon, 06/02/2017 - 16:27

correct me: the phrase is "******** ******** ***".

admin's picture
GB 119
admin Tue, 07/02/2017 - 14:11

There's not much to correct here. You got the puzzle right!

elghoul's picture
DZ 1300
elghoul Mon, 06/02/2017 - 17:28

1. When you are neck and neck in the relegation zone, it's worth spending money for a keeper, a defender or a forward player you are missing of.
2. Premier League Champions are worthyer than win cup winners.
3. Algiers Casbah, the Bardo Museum and the Hamma Art Gallery are worth visiting places in my town.
January window transfert Deadline is the football phrase.

Alex_from_Ukraine's picture
UA 2591
Alex_from_Ukraine Tue, 07/02/2017 - 09:50

This week's phrase is ******** ******** ***.

futurefrontoffice's picture
GE 21
futurefrontoffice Wed, 22/02/2017 - 13:22

correct me
1.I don't think that there was worth spending money in the juanuary transfer window, because I think the clubs know well what kind of footballers they need for more succsesfull.
3.one of the most beautiful place in my sity is Old Tbilisi, Botanic Garden, Mtatsminda park, which from you can see the most spectacular side of

Rich's picture
ES 155
Rich Wed, 22/02/2017 - 14:52

Hi Futurefrontoffice,

Welcome to Premier Skills English, I hope you enjoy our website. I've made a couple of corrections below. I hope you find them useful.

  1. I don't think that there it was worth spending money in the juanuary transfer window, because I think the clubs know well what kind of footballers they need for to be more succsesfull  successful
  2. one of the most beautiful places in my sity is Old Tbilisi, Botanic Garden, Mtatsminda park, which from from which/where you can see the most spectacular side of........the city??

I don't think you finished the second sentence so I had a guess at how you wanted to finish it. Thanks for your message.

Rich - The Premier Skills English Team


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