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Stoke City was founded in 1863 and are the oldest team in the Premier League and the second oldest professional football club in the world.  Stoke play their home games at The Britannia Stadium, which has a capacity of 27300. Stoke have played at The Britannia since 1997, before this time they played at the Victoria Ground, which had been their home sine 1878. The current manager is Mark Hughes, who has also managed Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City, Fulham and QPR in the Premier League as well as being a successful player for Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Chelsea. Stoke City play in red and white striped shirts, white shorts and white socks.

"Every manager, when they come into a new environment and a new club, will have doubters. It is up to you to win people over." Stoke manager, Mark Hughes.

Stoke's nickname is 'The Potters', in the past many people from Stoke were employed making china (plates and cups etc.) in the potteries, which is the name for the factories where china was made. The football team became known as the potters and this was the job of many of the players, who at that time had to have a main job in addition to playing football.

Bojan scoring for Stoke.

Stoke have never won a league title, the highest they have finished was 4th in 1946-47. Stoke have played a total of 9 seasons in the Premier League and prior to 2014/15, their highest position was 11th in 2009-10, but they have finished in 9th position for the last two seasons. Stoke have won the League Cup once, in 1972 and were runners-up in the FA Cup in 2011, when they lost 1-0 to Manchester City.

Marko Arnautovic was Stoke's top scorer last season.

In 2015/16, Stoke City finished 9th in the Premier League for the second consecutive season, which equalled, once again, their best-ever finish in the Premier League and their best finish in the top division since 1974/75. Stoke’s top scorer was Austrian international Marko Arnautovic, with 12 goals. With ex-Manchester United player Mark Hughes as manager, Stoke City are playing a much more attractive style of football and Stoke fans will be hoping they can finish in the top half again this season. With new players like Welsh international Joe Allen, signed from Liverpool, and the Egyptian winger, Ramadan Sobhi to add to a squad that includes four ex-Barcelona players (Bojan Krkic, Marc Muniesa, Moha El Ouriachi and Ibrahim Afellay) Stoke look like they will do well this season. Will it be like the Nou Camp at Stoke this season?

Prediction 2016/17: 9th

Key player: Xherdan Shaquiri

Did you know.......?

Sir Stanley Matthews (1915-2000), who is often seen as one of the greatest ever footballers of the English game, made over 300 appearances for Stoke City.

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The Britannia Stadium, Getty

Vis Unita Fortior​

This is Stoke's motto. It means united strength is stronger. 

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ES 0
JenJen Tue, 10/06/2014 - 23:18

Stoke City are fantastic! Come on you Potters!!!

SajidaXI's picture
PK 0
SajidaXI Thu, 03/07/2014 - 18:35

Nice Team

Rema's picture
RS 538
Rema Mon, 19/01/2015 - 12:20

I think that 4th question has wrong answer (highest position in the Premier league was 9th last year).
Also, according to text we don't know answer on 5th and 6th questions.

Rich's picture
ES 155
Rich Thu, 12/02/2015 - 16:21

We've changed the questions. Thanks for telling us!

KW 1794
Abdallah Sat, 26/09/2015 - 13:25

They have good offence

almirpereira's picture
BR 1315
almirpereira Tue, 20/10/2015 - 17:53


aragorn1986's picture
ME 3385
aragorn1986 Sat, 24/10/2015 - 23:00

I couldn't believe when I read that Stoke is the second oldest club in the world. That's only one of the reasons why they deserve to play in the elite competition. Beside that, they have strong support of the fans, good manager. What else do you need?

UA 2453
nikosonris Tue, 24/11/2015 - 10:03

They need star players, and I am very glad that the club owners have made the right decision to buy Xherdan Shaqiri. He has formed a good partnership with Arnautovic, Krkic and Walters.

MUGEMANYI's picture
RW 2320
MUGEMANYI Fri, 20/11/2015 - 06:32

"The Potters" this name surprised me

Mirka Miladinović's picture
ME 82
Mirka Miladinović
Mirka Miladinović Sat, 28/11/2015 - 16:33

Wow!!! The oldest team in Premier League. 1863

aragorn1986's picture
ME 3385
aragorn1986 Mon, 07/12/2015 - 13:41

A fantastic domination and win against Manchester City! They proved once again how difficult it is to play on Britannia stadium. They might get their chance in the FA or in the League Cup.

UA 2453
nikosonris Wed, 09/12/2015 - 13:23

It would be a touch clash against Liverpool in the Capital One Cup. My bet is that the Reds will qualify for the final.

Alex_from_Ukraine's picture
UA 2591
Alex_from_Ukraine Fri, 18/12/2015 - 03:09

I like seeing Peter Crouch play.

UA 2453
nikosonris Mon, 28/12/2015 - 17:10

Have you seen that thriller at Goodison Park. You'd better watch it!

aragorn1986's picture
ME 3385
aragorn1986 Mon, 18/01/2016 - 19:01

It is extremely difficult to earn 3 points on Britannia stadium this season. Stoke has its own style of playing football. Hat's off to them!

AT 271
joto Wed, 02/03/2016 - 15:50

Stoke City is cool

HakanUslu1881's picture
TR 1750
HakanUslu1881 Thu, 03/03/2016 - 22:34

I am not a fan of Stoke City.

UA 2453
nikosonris Thu, 24/03/2016 - 08:49

Yet another good season for Stoke!

PS 3433
assemjuve Fri, 08/04/2016 - 04:01

Stoke City best players this season are Shaquiri,Bojan and Arnatuvic.

PS 3433
assemjuve Fri, 08/04/2016 - 04:01

Stoke City best players this season are Shaquiri,Bojan and Arnatuvic.

PS 3433
assemjuve Fri, 08/04/2016 - 04:03

I can remember the match between Stoke and Man United when Stoke won the match 2-0 this season.

BA 100
Almir10 Wed, 25/01/2017 - 14:09

Stoke City

Caco's picture
MK 140
Caco Sun, 29/01/2017 - 15:03



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